Prime 10 Movie Apps For Movie Lovers

Have you ever sat through a 2 ½ hour film in another language? Well I’ve. Tonight we were taken to see a film in Tamil. I couldn’t inform you the name to save lots of my life. Don’t worry though, all four of us have been assigned our personal translators so we knew what was occurring. Surprisingly, the acting was animated sufficient so we knew what was taking place with out having to have every word translated. To present you an image of what the film was like, just think of Wall-E. Virtually no talking happens in the film, however you still know what is going on on.

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette gets a 20th century update in this adaptation of the Broadway musical, West Aspect Story. The Montagues and the Capulets have been replaced with the Jets and the Sharks (dangerous names that sound more like pee wee football teams than gangs). Nevertheless, this musical adaptation is excellent and it resulted in West Side Story successful 10 Oscars including Greatest Picture, Greatest Director and two Greatest Supporting Roles.

I guess you did not know that Joan Crawford was the quintessential flapper back throughout the roaring twenties. I love her in the silents-her eyes are so expressive, and she’s a fabulous dancer, as well! I significantly love the opening scene in Our Dancing daughters when Joan as Diana Medford is chopping a rug while getting dressed. Speak about fabulous footwork!

There are few track-dance sequence in Bollywood, which might touch your heart the way this track can. The dance is based on Kathak, a North Indian dance type patronized by courtesans for a very very long time. Kathak locations a whole lot of emphasis on sensuality and facial expressions, however this track attains its true greatness largely as a result of dignified movements of Meena Kumari, the lead actor-dancer, who died a few weeks after the release of this movie, but made it and herself immortal with it. The great music is sung by great Lata Mangeshkar, lyrics were written by Kaifi Azmi and music composed by Ghulam Mohammed.

Shannon rushes to propose to his sweetheart, Mary Jones (Ruth Dwyer). However, the bumbling Shannon botches it, making it appear as if he’s asking for her hand out of necessity rather than love. An insulted Mary turns him down flat. Rejected and determined, Shannon seeks recommendation from his partner, Meekin, who means that Keaton ask perfect strangers to marry him, resulting in rejection after rejection, in addition to comical relief for the observers. Finally, a woman agrees to marry Shannon; however the underage girl, dressed up to look older, is dragged off by her mother earlier than she units foot in Shannon’s car.