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Credit cards are one of the necessities of life now, especially for those who like traveling. That is because we often do not bring a lot of cash when traveling.

One of the uses of a credit card when traveling is to be able to book hotels, transport, often the service requires to include credit card data as a payment instrument.

  1. Choose a travel card type credit card

There are various types of credit cards, but for traveling activities, many banks have issued special credit cards called travel cards. In addition, several banks have cooperated with airlines to make credit cards specifically for this activity.

There are many advantages of this travel card credit card. One of them is a special discount for shops related to traveling activities. In addition, customers can also collect bank reward points that can be exchanged into free stay vouchers, discounted purchase of airline tickets, or anything else.

For travel cards from cooperation between banks and airlines can provide more benefits for customers, because in each transaction they will get miles / points of the airline which can be exchanged into free airline tickets. In addition, generally when customers buy flight tickets, customers will get a special price or even a multiple bonus.

  1. Choose a credible bank and provider

The name of the bank is quite influential in the world of traveling, especially if you are traveling abroad. Many merchants need a long time to verify transactions if the merchant does not know the name of the credit card issuing bank. However, if the merchant already knows the name of the bank, the transaction time will be faster.

In addition, credit card providers such as visa and mastercard have other advantages to consider when choosing a credit card. Each provider has its own benefits and advantages.

  1. Prioritize transaction data security

Transaction data security is an important thing for a traveler in an era full of financial crime. This is because the cost of traveling is generally greater than other retail transactions and the potential to lose credit cards while traveling is higher. Choosing a bank that prioritizes transaction data security is the right step.

Some banks implement 3D Secure by sending One Time Password (OTP) for each transaction, especially online transactions. Although we may think it is quite inconvenient, but this is very necessary so that it is less likely to be used by other people who are not responsible. In addition, some banks will also send notifications when there are a large number of transactions.

Bank’s mobile apps can also be used as an indicator of bank security procedures. There we can see transaction details, remaining limits, and so on. We will more easily control spending through the bank’s mobile apps.

  1. Pay attention to other costs

Having a credit card means also having an obligation to pay other costs, such as the annual premium, late fees, and so on. This must be our concern too so that our finances remain stable during traveling.

Information about these costs is found on each bank’s credit card website. You can compare costs between banks. In addition, also pay attention to the bank promos. Some banks provide free annual premium promos for one year and this is pretty good to save on our expenses.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for a credit card for travelinga!

Tips for Choosing the Right Credit Card for Traveler