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Vacation PackagesLike almost every nation across the globe, Brazil does have greater than its justifiable share of lethal assorted nasty insects and venomous spiders and snakes. Always pack anti-histamines whenever you go abroad as you never know when you will need them. Here are a few of Brazil’s nasty biting and stinging animals, these are only a few out of the lots of which might be in Brazil which can be met while on vacation.

Booking have to be made, under deposit and discount utilized between April 1 and June 30, 2012 for journey commencing by December 31, 2012. Offer combinable with every other promotion together with the Journeys Club Repeat Traveller profit. Offer reliant on space availability. Full cancellation penalties will apply. Additional restrictions could apply. The increased flying program also allows the power to offer more flexible duration packages. Standard seven- and 14-evening packages are available, as are three …

Check Out These Romantic 30A Events for Valentine’s Day

With the weather warming up and the spring season on the horizon, it is that time of the year again. February is the month of love. While the rest of the world is busy making dinner reservations, it is your turn to book a flight to 30A with your partner. Experience Valentine’s celebration with a difference in Florida’s 30A. This iconic highway is home to multiple beaches that are perfect for a romantic vacation. Whether you will be there for a day, two days, or even a week, these beaches have all it takes for a romantic stay. The following 30A events will spice up your Valentine’s celebration.

Helicopter Tours

Valentine’s experience in 30A is all about seeking new challenges. The newest challenge on your sleeve this time round is a helicopter tour. After touring this part of Florida on foot and enjoying all of its beaches, now is the

It’s Time To Discover All the Best Breweries Near Biloxi, MS

What’s more refreshing than an ice-cold beer on a warm beach day? Not much! If you’re craving a delicious craft beer during your Mississippi Gulf Coast vacation, you’re in luck! This area is home to several top-notch breweries where you can discover your new favorite brew. Read on to learn about the best breweries near Biloxi. 

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Check Out the Best Breweries Near Biloxi. 

You need to check out these awesome Biloxi breweries! 

Fly Llama Brewing 

Location: 186 Bohn Street, Biloxi, MS 39530 

Fly Llama Brewing is located right off historic Howard Avenue, just steps away from MGM Park here in Biloxi. Brew Master Davis Reese offers a

Here are the 5 Best Bakeries in Biloxi

We don’t know if Marie Antoinette famously said, “Let them eat cake,” but we do know that we love bakeries! All of the cookies, donuts, pastries, and cakes simply won’t stay away from our hands or mouths. When we’re on vacation, we tend to seek out all the best places to satisfy the foodie in us. Due to that, we want to share with you the top bakeries in Biloxi! 

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Top 5 Bakeries Around 

Donut Shop 

Only open mornings until lunchtime, Donut Shop has some of the best donuts, croissants, and other morning treats around. As you head off on your adventures around Biloxi, you want to make sure that you swing by the Donut Shop! 

Le Bakery 


Here are the Top 4 U-Pick Farms Near Biloxi

We all know about the freshness of heading over to the local farmer’s market and picking out our fruits and vegetables. Perhaps you have a stand or large market near you. More popular still are farms that allow you to pick your own fruit and vegetables straight from the source. These types of farms are popular for apple, pumpkin, and Christmas tree picking during specific seasons, but what about other farm staples like blueberries? We’re going to tell you the best u-pick farms near Biloxi! 

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Your 4 Best U-Pick Farms 

Dabbs Farm 

This blueberry farm is located in Saucier, MS. As a premier u-pick farm in the area, they have everything you need from lined buckets for picking