Dublin is a small capital in Ireland that presents a variety of history and entertainment for anyone who visits it. There are many historic sites such as museums and castles that can provide interesting information about Dublin’s history. I went to Dublin alone in December 2019 ago. Because my trip was only 2 days 3 nights, I tried as much as possible to visit exciting places in Dublin.

Malahide Castle and Gardens are the Highlight of Beautiful Malahide

Here are some tourist attractions you can visit in Dublin:

Malahide Castle & Gardens

There are many castles that have stood in Dublin for centuries, Malahide Castle & Gardens is the most recommended location. This castle has been established since the 12th century with a unique medieval and greenery filled the castle building. This castle was once the residence of the Talbot family for 800 years.

Visiting this location, you will be accompanied by a tour guide to explore the inside of the castle with an interesting story. Searching in the castle will take approximately 45 minutes.

Get ready to be surprised by the beautiful view of the castle’s garden. The garden in this castle is home to 5000 species of plants. Many outside the castle that you can visit for free. Near the castle, there is an Avoca Cafe and souvenir shop in the tourist center within the castle to buy souvenirs.

Trinity Old Library

When taking a free walking tour in Ireland (really follow this recommendation if traveling in ireland), the first place indicated by the tour guide is Trinity College, the oldest campus in Ireland. The campus is famous for its library, the Trinity Old Library.

This library is open for the general public to visit and borrow books. The entry fee is around 11 euros.

Not only the completeness of the book, the magnificent and luxurious architecture will surely amaze you. One of the iconic areas of this library is The Long Room, the main hallway of this library which has a length of up to 65 meters with 200,000 books around it. Walking down this aisle will remind you there is a Hogwart library in the popular Harry Potter film.

If you want to come here, don’t forget to order the tickets online. Because this place is very popular with many queues before entering, order tickets online will avoid you from long queues.

Guinness Storehouse, A Must Traveling in Ireland

Guinness is one of Ireland’s best known beers. You can find this black beer in almost all bars in Ireland. For those of you who want to know history while enjoying Guinness beer, it’s a must to visit the Guinness Storehouse in your Irish traveling circuit.

To explore this whole location, you will spend approximately 1 and a half hours. There are various interesting displays with various information about the Guinness brand.

The most popular spot at this location is the cozy rooftop bar and offers a beautiful view of Dublin. Certainly, the opportunity to taste a large Guinness beer at this bar can be a pleasant experience.

For you who bring children, you can still visit the Guinness Storehouse. However, must obey the rules and do not forget the supervision of the child.

Bram Stoker’s Castle Dracula Experience

If you are a vampire or vampire figure, you must visit Bram Stoker’s Castle Dracula Experience in Dublin. The castle is big enough with a gothic style has a variety of “terrible” at the same time artistic that will provide an unforgettable experience.

Bram Stoker himself is an Irish writer who first created the figure of a vampire in his mystery novel. We can also get some information about the legendary novelist in this castle.

There are various interesting areas that you can explore in this area, from the Castle Tunnel, Spinning Bridges that lead to the Vampire Courtyard, Dracula’s Wild and the stage of the World’s Only Graveyard Theater.

That was the various tourist attractions in Dublin that you should visit in a series of traveling Ireland. In addition to the four places above, Ireland also has several historic old Catholic churches. Because it differs from British neighbors who are mostly Protestants, the majority religion in Ireland is Catholic.

My personal favorite place in Ireland is Temple Bar in Dublin. The atmosphere at Christmas at this bar is very festive like the picture below.

When you come to Ireland in December, there is a night market and other interesting entertainment that you can take part in. So it won’t get bored, especially in the Henry Street area in Dublin.

To apply for an Irish visa, it’s free! If you happen to already have plans to Europe, there’s no harm in stopping by to Ireland, especially now that there are already many cheap airlines like Ryanair (which is indeed an Irish airline).

Mandatory Tourist Attractions Traveling Solo in Ireland