French country has many choices of bread. If visiting France, be sure to look for other types of bread besides baguettes.

If you travel to France, you will find many bakeries in towns and villages. For those who are curious about the types of typical French bread, see the following article.

1. Gibassier

Gibassier is one of the most popular types of French bread. This food is not fully recognized as bread because some people think of it as pastry.
Gibassier is an orange-flavored bread that is served around Christmas time. Oranges are used to prepare this bread. The oranges will be added to the flour and the zest can also be added to the top of the gibassier.
This bread is considered more as a type of breakfast bread because it has a sweet taste. However, this bread is also served at Christmas dinner as it is a tradition.
The citrus flavor in gibassier is quite strong and gives the bread a very distinct and distinct taste. If many people assume the taste of French bread has a similar taste, a significant difference will be felt on the gibassier.

2. Baguettes

Airy, light and long bread with a characteristic crunchy crust is the hallmark of one of France’s most iconic breads, the baguette. This bread dates back to the 19th century when white and wheat bread was no longer the privilege of the rich.
It is said that the baguette was made before the name of the bread was invented. Derived from the Latin word baculum, the word baguette was first used in 1920, meaning stick or stick. Baguettes are first baked in the form of long, wide loaves.

3. Pain a l’ail

Another typical French type of bread is pain a l’ail. This bread is the French version of garlic bread. The term garlic bread means that garlic is used in the preparation of this bread. How garlic is used, how much, or how it is used is up to the chef.
One thing is always the same when eating pain a l’ail, which is that one will need mint afterward. Garlic gives a great taste to this type of bread. Although this bread is a French type of bread, pain a l’ail pairs really well with Italian pasta dishes.

4. Brioches

Brioche is a sweet bread with a much softer and lighter texture compared to a baguette. Brioche is great for breakfast and lunch. However, there is one dish that is a delicious treat from brioche, namely french toast.
With the sweetness of Brioche combined with the flavors of the French toast, this dish is the perfect breakfast menu. Brioche is made using lots of butter and eggs, which is why it is perfect for making french toast.

5. Fougasse

Fougasse is a typical French bread that is flat in shape and is usually sweetened with orange juice and sugar. This bread is common in Provence and throughout the south of France and is easily recognized by its shape.
Generally fougasse has a grain grain, with cuts that line the leaves and veins.

Typical French Bread That Must Be Purchased When Visiting This Country