Preparation Before Vacation With Family or Beloved Couple

The holidays are a very much-anticipated moment for the whole family. For school children, vacation is a moment where they can enjoy recreation with family and friends. For the workers, vacations are also important to avoid job stress. However, do not let your family holiday or recreation fall apart due to lack of preparation. What can you do to make your holiday fun?

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A fun and fluent vacation can make you and your family relax and will leave a beautiful impression. However, due to lack of preparation, you may forget to bring holiday gear that is important to you. Or even you get sick while enjoying your tour so can not enjoy the recreation event. The thing that often happens is the fullness of lodging facilities and rental vehicles on vacation, so you will spend most of the time just looking for lodging or rental vehicles. As a result, your vacation becomes chaotic and the money you spend on vacation gets wasted. Mature and good preparation needs to be done for your vacation. Although leisure or leisure is a relaxing time, but careful preparation needs to be done to avoid any problems that interfere with your vacation.

Holiday will be as planned, if you prepare everything needed carefully. One thing you need to do before traveling is to find as much information as possible. If necessary, ask for references on the appropriate travel agent or airline. The more you get the information, the risk of you experiencing disappointment while on vacation will decrease more. For that, it’s good you pay attention to the following:

Book tickets as early as possible. Because, nowadays almost all airlines apply a class division system that is not based on service, but from time. That is, the earlier the time of purchase and order, the greater the opportunity to get ‘cheap seats’.

Compare the promotional price offered by one travel agent at a price from another agent.

Advertised price promotions usually have limited capacity. So, when you want to buy it, not necessarily the price package is still available promotion.

If taking a tour package that includes accommodation and tours to various sights, ask if the price includes taxes, transportation, guide tips, and admission to the places to go.

Ask the location of the hotel and its distance to the city center or tourist destination. This affects your discretion to explore the place itself.

Choose a flight schedule that suits your mileage conditions to the airport. Make sure the flight schedule does not change by re-confirmation about 24 hours before departure.

Check whether the airline you are using provides services for special food requests, such as a salt diet or a sugar diet.

Ask the maximum weight limit of luggage per person and the extra charged for each kilogram.

Set up a reserve fund for unexpected costs, such as changeable tour fees at any time or to purchase additional food.

One day before departure, you should contact the travel agent to make sure there is a schedule change.

Write down the agent’s phone number that helps you, plus your local partners. You can contact them and lodge a complaint in the event of things outside the plan (late-night hotel transfers or unlisted in hotel reservations).