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Qualities of a Good Senator There are some qualities that we should look for in a good senator. Our politicians do fall short when it comes to good leadership traits, yet this does not mean that we should be content; there is nothing wrong with expecting them to be what we want them to be. The character traits are nothing special but it is good to be possessed by someone in a leadership position. The traits should be combined with what they do in their position of leadership. Here are some qualities that we want our leaders to possess when they are fulfilling their duties to the country. There are many things that influence a senator’s decisions, and since he is a member of a party, and if he is to be a just leader, he should consider views from the opposing party and weigh the pros and cons which should be based on facts alone.
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Every decision the senator makes should be based on facts and are within the allotted time. His own core values, facts, and reality are the bases of his decisions.
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A senator is always there to do his job. Every vote is important for him. He should not make the mistake of believing that dependability means you can always be counted on to follow the party line. A senator should have initiative. The votes that you gained during election was partly due to a promise you made that you will look after certain important issues. These issues should be dealt with. If something is already being done, a good senator involves himself in it. A good senator starts to do something about the issue if nothing is still being done about it. A good senator weighs everything he has access to and makes the call. He adjusts with change. He follows the cycle of observing, orienting, deciding, and acting. The cycle goes on and on. A good senator will execute a good plan now and not postpone it for a better plan later on. With out being deliberately offensive, a good senator will tell it like it is – good, bad or ugly. He can set aside tact so as not to undermine courage, integrity or judgment. It is part of his bearing to be polite, but sometimes when there is too much politeness, the message is lost. A senator must possess integrity, which is one of the most important characters a leader must have. Everything you do is tainted if you do not have integrity. When the truth is more important to you than politics then you are a person with integrity. It also means that you don’t lie the truth away. Enthusiasm in his job characterizes a good senator. People run for office because they like the job. It is a fool who worked hard for something that he did not really want. We want to see unselfish politicians but are there? Money motivates many politicians. Maybe we should not expect unselfishness from them. But it is realistic to put on the requirement and train them to standard.