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For most people around the globe, times are hard, and many who often travel across continents for vacations are not able to do so this year. Even if you have the money to board the expensive flights, there are restrictions as to where you can travel to because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It gets worse if you have been banking on cheap flights to get to your destinations. That’s because there is no such thing as “cheap flights” this year. Reading CheapflightsFreak customer opinions and other feedback from people, it doesn’t even feel suitable for a low-income person to proceed on a long-distance vacation this year.

So, what are your options? Should you shelve your plans for next year so you can get cheaper flights? We think so, going for a number of reasons. These reasons include

  1. Traveling Next Year will be Safer

While no one knows when the pandemic will be over, it seems proper to think that things would have subsided by next year. Already, there is good news from nations on the possibility of a vaccine soon. And let’s say the pandemic persists for the whole of next year, we don’t expect it to hold the world down as it is currently. So, on health grounds, next year looks more plausible than 2020.

  1. Possibility of Cheap Flights & Hotels

It’s reasonable to expect flight tickets to sell for high prices now because many airlines are only striving to survive. Unlike previous times when you could catch last minute flights for a little fee, you might not get the chance this year. But by making plans for next year, you can book your flights early and enjoy the discounts that come with such.

  1. More Hotel Options

Not all hotels are open for hospitality services in many parts of the world. So, you might not get accommodation close to where you intend to visit. Going by our optimism that things would have been better next year, we expect that more hotels would be open to receiving people.

Tips to Get Cheap Flights for Your Holidays

Getting cheap flights is the dream of most travelers, but there are tricks to achieving this. Of course, airfares vary from airlines to airlines. Some are traditionally known to offer affordable travel tickets and even discounts. But beyond this, you can use these gimmicks to get a cheap travel ticket for your holiday next year.

Let Your Preparation Start Now

We expect that you would have decided on which country or state you want to spend your holiday. If that is true, the time to start monitoring airlines for affordable flights is now. Once you identify one, book early.

Use Flight Searching Websites

You probably know a couple of these already. Get to Skyscanner and the likes to search for cheap flights to your destination. They have specialized algorithms that scan websites of airlines to get the most competitive price for your destination.

What if You Reserve Your Vacation Till Next Year?