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People have relaxed in the face of the pandemic, they want to travel but they will be very concerned about safety, which is why many of them have adopted the concept of all-inclusive. According to the quoted source, tourists are very concerned about the safety and will place great emphasis on the quality of services and the distance to the beach and accommodation, unlike in previous years when tourists focused on the travel budget.

Starting from this premise, according to the Constant Travel user experiences from this year the four and five-star accommodation units will be in greater demand, with generous beaches and facilities that will keep the security conditions dictated by the current context.

All-inclusive mainly refers to the type of guesthouse that the hotelier gives you, and means exactly three meals, two snacks between meals, and local drinks. Travel packages abroad offer many types of all-inclusive, from the cheapest to the most expensive, depending on the available budget and the positioning of the hotel.

Thus, the cheapest all-inclusive is all-inclusive light which does not include alcoholic beverages, while luxury hotels offer mega-ultra all-inclusive services and elegance ultra all-inclusive which offers additional services. At elegance ultra all-inclusive the in-room mini bar is free and you can order food 24 hours a day.

A lot of people who planned vacation opted for an all-inclusive resort is a holiday resort, which includes a minimum of three meals a day, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, most freebies, and possibly other services in price, such as transfers, entertainment for children, and adults, etc. Many also offer sports and other activities included in the price. Usually, personalized services such as spa, old or international drinks, excursions, sports such as parasailing, mini-cruises, etc. are for a fee.

In the case of ultra all inclusive services, tourists can serve both local and imported drinks. So anyone can enjoy a glass of whiskey if that’s what they prefer. Bottled beverages can be ordered, as well as bottled beer. There are units that offer the possibility of serving champagne for breakfast.

Another plus for which services are preferred is the possibility to serve a late dinner. In fact, most of the hotels that offer luxury services include at least one à la carte meal.

Some all-inclusive resorts are designed for specific holiday interests. For example, some resorts are dedicated to adults, while some more specialized properties only accept couples. Other all-inclusive resorts are family-oriented, with facilities such as boat centers, games rooms, and amusement parks or water parks. Inclusive resorts are also very popular wedding locations.

All-inclusive vacations represent the new form of traveling in 2020 according to the current coronavirus situation for most of the tourists. The all-inclusive system will not be abandoned, but the hotels will use more spaces for meals so that 500-1,000 people will not be crowded in a restaurant.

At the beach, the distance between the sunbeds will be at least 1.5 meters, and antivirus solutions will be used for the pools. Luggage and rooms will be disinfected and hotels will not operate at full capacity. The rooms where the tourists stay after they leave will remain empty for at least 48 hours. If the hotel staff trained every year, now a pandemic preparation will be added, where they will be taught how to avoid virus infection and how to act under certain conditions.

Is all-inclusive vacations the new form of traveling at the 2020 current coronavirus situation?