Hiking to Snowmass Lake | Elk Mountains, Colorado | Mountain Photography by  Jack Brauer


If you want to see all the highest mountain chains of the world, you should not exclude North America from your “must-visit” list. The Rocky Mountains are one of the most well-known systems in the USA, so, add its peaks to your wish list.

One of the most suitable ways to have the Mount Evans tour is to go to Denver and start your fascinating journey in this city. Of course, natural attractions are worth visiting, however, they are not the only interesting places in this region. I would recommend you to start exploring it from the Denver tours inside the city and then move to its sides.  

Where to Start?

I would start my cultural trip from the Molly Brown House Museum. People who like everything beautiful and extraordinary will appreciate visiting this place. It can take you back to the Victorian Age and leave a perfect impression of that historical period.

Except for museums and galleries, Denver is famous for its daily tours. Inside the city, you can be provided with very interesting activities such as Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Tour. It takes about 2 hours, however, these two hours cannot be considered as wasted. Take pleasure and fun in your journey! 

In Peace with Colorado’s Nature

Denver’s sides are a paradise not only for hikers that enjoy the experience of hiking tours, but climbers will also like some entertainment. If you are the kind of those people who love this extreme way of time spending, book a Climbing Company that takes from 2 two 12 hours.

All in all, foothills and mountains are a kind of something marvelous! Visiting them should be your aim when you go to Denver. Find your peace of mind on the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. Drive slowly and there is no doubt that this journey will stay in your memory till the end of your days. 

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