From taking a visit to spiritual sites and witnessing cultural attractions, there are a lot of things that you can do in Puri. The city of Puri is a perfect place to visit for people of all age irrespective of their age and social background. Puri is home to some amazing tourist attractions and once you have finalized a perfect accommodation from the best hotels in Puri, you can plan your vacation or trip in Puri accordingly.

Continue to read on below to know about interesting things that you can do in Puri to enjoy your time in the city in most ideal fashion –

Visit Jagannath Temple – The Jagannath temple is thronged by pilgrims from across the world. People come here to get a glimpse of Jagannath, who is profoundly considered as the lord of the universe. The temple houses a large idol of the Lord Vishnu, having round eyes and arms. Moreover, the temple is considered as one of the Temple dhams of the ‘char dham’ of India and owing to this fact, elderly people visit the temple in Puri in large numbers on yearly basis.

The temple is more than 1000 years old and has been standing strongly since then without showing any signs of wear and tear. This fact makes the temple a cultural heritage site as well which attracts the visitors all the more. The temple also conducts the famous rath yatra or chariot festival in the month of June or July which makes Puri all the more famous for Jagannath temple. So if you are visiting Puri for any purpose whatsoever, you should not miss to pay visit this to this religious site.

Visit the beautiful beaches of Puri – Although, Puri is famous for its temples, you can take out time to enjoy the beaches in Puri. To enjoy the waves and sands, you can take a visit to one of the best and most beautiful beach of Odisha that is the Puri beach. Situated in close proximity to the temple of Jagannath the beach is great is great for sunbathing as well as for enjoying the wave. At the beach you can find pilgrims, tourists as well as fisherman along with locals enjoying their time on the beach. So if you want to experience a perfect time at the beach frolicking with your loved ones, then you should make a point to visit Puri beach.

Shop at Anand Bazaar – One of the best things that you can do in Puri to make your trip memorable is shop for variety of food items and decorative stuff from Anand Bazaar. Shops that are lined just outside Jagannath temple constitute Anand Bazaar and here you can shop for mahaprasad and local sweets of Puri to take back to your home. The sweets stay fresh for several days and can be easily packed and carried as well. Anand Bazaar is just the right market where you can splurge money on variety of things like decorative pieces, portraits, clothes, art work as well as idols of Gods such as Lord Jagannath. The market is huge in area and here you can taste the local food of Odisha to make shopping of articles an altogether a memorable experience.

Chilika Lake – The Chilika Lake is the largest water lagoon in India, and it is home to a significant number of animal and plant species. Amongst one of most popular tourist destinations in Puri, Chilika Lake owing to its environment, pure waters and picturesque flora and fauna remains calm, beautiful and magnificent.

Here you can indulge in boating to experience the waters from close as boats cut through waters and you can possible witness dolphins diving through the water guiding you to the right path. Quite an extraordinary tourist experience, by visiting Chilika Lake you can have an enchanting experience that you may remember for long time.

However to make sure that you enjoy in best manner during your trip to Puri, it is important that you visit between November and February as the weather at this time remains calm and  waters display a quiet and beautiful nature.

Raghurajpur Artist Village – Raghurajpur is a heritage is e village that is situated 14 km’s away from the city of Puri. The village is famous for its art work and pattachitra paintings and tourist here flock in large numbers from across the country. The Pattachitra paintings are made over a piece of cloth called Patta, which happens to be dried palm leaf. On the Patta pictures of Gods and Goddesses is embellished by the painters so as to give it an authentic feel.

All the more the village is home to variety of painting forms such as palm leaf engravings, wood paintings as well as craft stone.  So if you are someone who is fascinated by art and craft, then you certainly can take home some work of art from the Raghurajpur crafts village to decorate your home and enhance the beauty of it.

Conclusion – Thus, Puri is a great place to enjoy a fun-filled vacation with your family and to strengthen the love bond with your dear ones.

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