Sightseeing in the city of Batu is endless. This time will discuss about Jatim Park 3. One of the most favorite amusement rides in Batu, Malang. Offering a tourist concept with a prehistoric theme, which makes Jatim Park 3 unique, visitors will watch and take pictures with various types of replicas of large size dinosaurs. Both replicas of bones and body replicas from various types of dinosaurs.

Not only that, in Jatim Park 3, visitors can explore and learn the timeline of 5 epochs from prehistoric times. Here you will be presented with films about the life of dinosaurs and how they interact with other dinos. Not only that, there are two giant size trains with a capacity of 48 people and are ready to take you around to recognize various creatures from the Permian Period to the Ice Age era. With an informative narrative, make sure you know one by one dino found in Exploration 5 Times.

Giant Train Track trough Park 5 Old Dino Age

In the Life with dino area there is a typical Middle Eastern atmosphere, which is the right location for taking pictures. There are beautiful spots in the corners to make sure every angle you take is a perfect photo to remember. There is also an exciting maze to solve and there is an artificial lake full of dinosaurs.

Root Bridge

On one side of East Java Park 3 there is a bridge that resembles a root bridge. This bridge is not an ordinary bridge, because here you will see various kinds of dinosaurs from a height, but even though you are at a height it does not mean you are the highest, because elasmo saurus will greet you with a neck that is far higher than the root bridge. The root bridge also connects you with zones that are ready to wait for you in front!

In the Rimba zone, visitors can walk amidst prehistoric creatures. Watch dozens of species of prehistoric creatures on your right and left, you will feel like living with them.

After being around, you can stop at Dino Plaza. A shopping block located at the entrance to Jatim Park 3. You can get various culinary snacks and souvenirs here. So, if you visit the city of Malang, you have not yet completed not tried this one tourist spot.

Jurassic World at Jatim Park 3