The land of the Turks and Caicos is undoubtedly a land of paradise and fascination. Picture silky sand, huge resorts, harbours and endless opportunities to go snorkelling and diving. You can find a luxurious turks and caicos beach house with views of the sea too. If this sounds like your kind of paradise, why not consider taking a vacation to this little-explored Caribbean destination? There are lots of things to do including the following must-see and must-do activities.

1. Unwind on Grace Bay

Grace Bay has endless beaches where you can unwind and enjoy a cold drink or a chilli-soaked prawn kebab. The beach area offers everything you would expect from a Caribbean beachside destination. The region is also home to some of the most luxurious resorts on the island as well as restaurants, bars, luxury suites and private villas.

2. Thursday Night Fish Fry

Your trip to Turks and Caicos wouldn’t be complete if you miss out on spending at least one Thursday night to enjoy the fresh and salty seafood from the Turks and Caicos. As the evening progresses, enjoy the samba dances or stroll through the handicraft markets to find the perfect souvenir. Thursday Night Fish Fry not only serves up some of the best barbeque fish cuts but it also provides a cultural experience with traditional music and dancing.

3. Visit the Provo Golf Club

Provo Golf Club is among the most famous places in The Turks and Caicos. If you’re a fan of golf, you’ll have the opportunity to play a round or two while enjoying the natural beauty. The golf courses are surrounded by green, shimmering pools and migratory flamingos. Without a shadow of a doubt, Provo Golf Club rates among the most beautiful courses in the world. And after playing a round or two, you can enjoy a large fish platter at the club restaurant. There’s also a tennis court and other recreational facilities on the complex.

4. Snorkelling in Smith’s Reef

Smith’s Reef is arguably one of the best places to put on the snorkel and flippers to explore the underwater paradise. Expect to see colourful corals jutting up from the orange and yellow fragmented seabed. The warm water is crystal clear, and the marine life ranges from lionfish, giant eagle rays to sea slugs and sponges. Making the most of this relatively unexplored diving spot in such a pristine environment is a must on any trip to The Turks and Caicos.

5. Visit the National Museum

The National Museum of Turks and Caicos is the best place to discover the ancient history of the island nation. You can find archaeological remains from an old shipwreck referred to as the Molasses Reef Wreck. You’ll also find exhibits covering certain parts of the islander’s culture and traditions. Whenever you visit a new destination, taking advantage of the museums and galleries is a perfect way to get an educational experience. Drag yourself away from the beach at least once and be rewarded with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what makes The Turks and Caicos who they are today.

6. Visit the Conch Bar Caves and Explore the Caverns

The Conch Bar Caves are in the centre of the Middle Caicos Islands. These caves have beautiful carving along with a series of chambers and tunnels. Nature creates some and others are the remains of the ancient Lucayan tribes. Exploring this part of the island offers a very different experience to the typical holidaymaker.

7. Go Bonefishing

Just out in the shallow waters are an abundance of marine life and bonefish that the locals enthusiastically catch for food and sport. If you’re in The Turks and Caicos and enjoy fishing, why not give this activity a try? You can find a number of tours that will take you out into the water, teach the techniques and offer a chance to learn a new method of fishing. And who knows, you might just barbeque the fish that you have caught later on the beach! And even if you don’t catch anything, savouring the view is still worth the experience.

8. Admire the Natural Beauty of Chalk Sound

Chalk Sound is indeed one of the most charming natural spots in The Turks and Caicos. The national park bursts with colour and activity from the turquoise waters full of fish to the rich grass covering the hills. If you plan to visit, expect to follow one of the most scenic drives of your life along the Chalk Sound Drive. Those looking to spot some of the wildlife might be lucky enough to see iguanas and swift lizards lazing around on the rocks.

9. Cruise on a Luxury Yacht

Why not treat yourself to a day on an ultra-luxurious yacht and sail around the Caribbean Sea? Both half and full-day cruises are available with the trained crew serving up delicious and freshly caught seafood. The cruise takes passengers to unexplored beaches and hidden dive spots far off the coast. Booking a day on the yacht will be an excellent experience for everyone and gives you a window into the lifestyle of the rich and famous!

Enjoy Your Time in the Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos are one of the least explored destinations in the Caribbean. Not only do tourists have the chance to relax and savour the pristine beauty of the beaches and marine life, but they can also visit national parks, hidden caves and have a unique cultural experience. Few holidaymakers visit these small islands but those who do have the time of their lives.

9 Activities in the Turks and Caicos You Just Can’t-Miss