The Encounter—A Movie Evaluation

Alright dude! We performed Damnation Alley on the theater I worked at. The one thing that stood out in the memory was the opening scene. The 2 missile silo guys are gettin all laid back talking in regards to the relative deserves & efficiency’s of their pot stash’s- so 70s man!- when like you wrote, the warning comes in. One of many guys has to ultimately pull his service revolver on the other guy who’s all of a sudden reluctant to launch a return Armageddon. Severely, that and the caterpillar looking automobile factor they drive around in later Ha-Ha! Nice synopsis and reminiscence FatFreddy!

A bunch of highschool buddies uncover that one of them, Samson, has murdered his girlfriend. He actually brags about killing her, and the reactions differ. Layne, the self-proclaimed chief of the group, is intent on keeping the homicide a secret and defending Samson, while the rest of the group: Matt (played by Keanu Reeves), Clarissa, Maggie, and Tony wish to go to the police. Based on a real-life murder of a young California girl.

Everybody who is familiar with M. Night time Shyamalan is aware of of his fondness for twists. Signs, The Village, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Girl within the Water, his produced Wayward Pines , (and surprisingly absent in The Happening) and among others. So, sure, as you might imagine, his trademark fashion is here in this movie as properly.

This statement has all the time been my favorite. It’s saying that you need to watch this movie as a result of the individuals involved had a successful film up to now. We can’t say the same for this movie but it is best to watch it anyway. Help support their profession to allow them to maintain making films and possibly sooner or later they will make another good one.Movie Reviews

In the example above, simply in doing one thing so simple as a Wikipedia search, you have gained new insights into a film you already adored, you learned extra about what types of filmmaking had been concerned within the making of the movie, you’ve learned somewhat more in regards to the motion pictures director (and what’s concerned with a directors job), and you’ve got found a brand new film that appears like it could curiosity you. It’s little things like this which culminate to a a lot larger data of movies typically. And one of the best part about it is that you don’t even actually should attempt to study; it’s just a pure offset of reading a couple of film which pursuits you.