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And when using it, (you do not get the USB key – that’s only for the theater to make use of) we will just about follow any dialogue. Before the film starts, we’re instructed which auditorium to connect with, yay for Wi-Fi!

There they meet the Oompa Loompas who are small individuals who run the manufacturing facility; they are shown a whole room of sweets and goodies and a chocolate river that runs by it. One by one all the youngsters except Charlie get eliminated from the competition, the primary one falls into the chocolate river. Thus Charlie is the younger hero who wins and inherits the manufacturing facility from Willy Wonka. He rejoices together with his household after he and grandpa Joe get transported house magically by a glass elevator. Imagine that!

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I’ve to say personally that I discover the film to be extra of a horror-comedy than a straight horror movie. The viewers I noticed it with seemed to share that sentiment, there were much more laughs in my theater than gasps or jumps. That is not to say the film will not scare you merely that it’s more enthusiastic about telling it’s story than it is in horrifying the audience. If you’re a fan of movies just like the Evil Useless sequence or, more recently, the hilarious Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, you may probably love this movie.

But it would not stop there, as a result of if you really resolve to cave and accommodate the theater and the annoying gimmick, they add an additional charge. That’s right, so not solely would I be in for an unavoidable headache, but also required to shell out even more of my exhausting-earned cash to fulfill their already ridiculously steep admissions charge. Hopefully 3D will do us all a favor and fade into the shadows, the place it would lay dormant earlier than returning as soon as more. It’s like Dracula, you’ll be able to keep placing it down, but it can inevitably come back.