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One question that every one fans of this manga take into consideration is whether there will probably be more movies other than the trilogy of anime films released to date between 2010 and 2013. The three motion pictures are just one a part of this intensive and brilliant story, and if it stopped at that, it would definitely be a crying shame. However, even supposing there have not been any concrete statements by the staff that brought us these films, there are numerous indications and interviews with the makers that indicate that there will probably be more Berserk motion pictures than we predict in the future.

Titanic was a blockbuster success and is #2 all-time on the movie box office checklist behind Avatar. With all that success, it has attracted many haters from the film critic world. Nevertheless, in actuality this was a good looking epic movie about essentially the most famous maritime catastrophe in historical past. The sinking of the Titanic is a type of senseless disasters that may stay ingrained in our psyche for hundreds of years. This Leonardo DiCaprio movie uses the sinking as a backdrop to a human drama on the ship, the forbidden love affair of two fictitious characters, Jack Dawson (Leo DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), who’s engaged to another passenger.

Some Like It Hot gets a queer makeover in Connie and Carla, a light-weight comedy from the author and star of My Large Fats Greek Wedding. In Billy Wilder’s classic, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis teamed up in a male-as-female drag comedy, whereas here, writer-star Nia Vardalos goes a step further (and several derivative steps backwards), teaming up with Toni Collette because the titular heroines, taking part in women posing as males posing as women-sort of like Victor/Victoria with extra mascara.

Initially Toho had planned on waiting until Godzilla’s fiftieth Anniversary in 2004 to produce one other movie in the collection after Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, but as a consequence of poor reception of the Hollywood produced 1998 film Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick they determined they could not wait any longer. This movie not solely marked the true Godzilla’s return to Toho Studios, but additionally his return to American theaters. This was the primary Godzilla film from Toho to hit U.S. shores since 1985 with Godzilla 1985 (The Return of Godzilla). It also ignored established continuity excluding the unique 1954 Gojira.

Snowpiercer ( Watch Right here ) – Chris Evans turns in an incredible efficiency as Curtis, the leader of a band of merry dystopian future revolutionaries. The Captain America films only give you a hint of what a genuinely good actor he’s-and now, between Snowpiercer and Sunshine, he’s been in two of the best sci-fi motion pictures from the previous ten years. And let’s not even discuss Iceman, where he manages to hold his own-even outperform, in some scenes-scenery-chewing dynamo Michael Shannon, for Chrissakes. And the wizard behind the curtain is Bong Joon-Ho, who directed the superb Mom and The Host. The man is good.