Why We Do not Want Feminine Friendly Film Rankings

He was indisputably, Lord of Monster Island and the phobia of hundreds of thousands of Japanese residents when invading their land and thrashing about on the shores of the Pacific. Not surprisingly, his goal was Tokyo ninety nine% of the time.

Quentin Tarantino time and again..!! Kill Bill was my first exposure to Tarantino’s style of film making..perhaps that’s why i consider Kill Bill as his best achievement..i have seen the film numerous times and every dialogue,every action sequence is still etched fresh like a morning lily in my memory. Starring the tall,blond Uma Thurman as the kick ass Bride who seeks revenge against her former mentor Bill,Kill Invoice is one hell of a joy ride with quite a few twists and enthralling visuals.

With Iko Uwais returning in his role because the smashing cop Rama,the Raid 2 boasts of among the finest action sequence ever to be depicted car …