10 Good Lifetime Films On Netflix On the spot

Give me Rudolph Valentino, Colleen Moore, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Gloria Swanson, Ramon Novarro, Joan Crawford (yes, she was a silent film actress, too!), Lilian Gish, Lon Chaney, and Louise Brooks any day of the week. Some issues just cannot be improved upon.

I liked watching Oz the Nice and Highly effective. The costumes have been wonderful, together with new characters and likewise the traditional ones we recognize from The Wizard of Oz. The story behind how an excellent witch remodeled into the Depraved Witch is to not be missed, and the precise transformation was mesmerizing. And I also saw the place the ruby slippers got here from and felt bad for the as soon as good witch.

Karl returns to Heidelberg to see Kathi, one final time. Upon his return, Karl is upset to see that Heidelberg is not the city he remembers, and has transformed from a bustling, fun-loving town into nearly a ghost town. Karl is saddened to see that the students now not congregate there, and the Corps Saxonia has changed from the gregarious, fun-loving group he remembers to chilly and distant strangers.

This is a nice list. The Haunting of Hill Home made my list. It is a psychological thriller made in the late sixties with the type of twists and subtlety to it that make you marvel if all the things was only within the mind of the heroine or did all of the creepy issues the characters seemed to be experiencing actually occur. There was a remake a number of years again that did not come near the original in scare factor – too many obvious special results. Thanks for letting us in in your listing.

The Omen (1976) was not a traditional horror movie in the sense that you are nervous a few killer lurking in the closet. Slightly, The Omen is one of those mental scary films that sends chills down your backbone and appalls you into concern. Childhood is supposed to be so harmless, so when we learn of the pure evil coursing by way of Damien (Harvey Stephens), it sends our heads spinning whereas making an attempt to process what we are seeing. Stephens is alarmingly good as the younger evil Damien.